Placement of Students

Student Classroom Placement

Standard Procedure of Grade Level Placement:

FIS places children according to birth year; December 31st is our cut off date for the coming school year. All students, with certain exceptions in the Nursery Classroom should graduate to the next grade level pending the successful completion of their classroom leveled standards. The FIS Administration Team will approve these moves and initiate individual meetings with parents when necessary.

Standard Grade Level Placement:

* At least 18 months of age (Nursery)

* Turning 3-years old: Birth year 2019 (Pre – Kindergarten 1)

* Turning 4-years old: Birth year 2018 (Pre – Kindergarten 2)

Turning 5-years old: Birth year 2017 (Kindergarten)

Turning 6-years old: Birth year 2016 (Grade 1)

Turning 7-years old: Birth year 2015 (Grade 2)

Turning 8-years old: Birth year 2014 (Grade 3)

Turning 9-years old: Birth year 2013 (Grade 4)

Turning 10-years old: Birth year 2012 (Grade 5)


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