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“Inspiring learning. Valuing community.”

At FIS we are broken up into a Preschool and a Primary School, which cater to a range of nationalities from 18 months all the way up to 11 years of age (Nursery to Grade 5).  We offer imported textbooks and online resources from the United States which are focused on the American based Curriculum and its Core Standards.

Our Teachers and Support Staff are all qualified /experienced educators who take pride in their ability to educate our students while monitoring individual progress.

The school year is from August to June with an additional option for Summer School (5 weeks) and an opportunity to travel abroad for select students.

We provide a supportive, safe and caring, environment, where all children are accepted and valued.


We seek to develop and celebrate the individual abilities and talents of each child, instilling an enduring love of learning, in a safe, fair, caring environment which nurtures the wellbeing that every child deserves in order for them to feel comfortable, confident, self-discipline and responsible. The school where all children are accepted, valued and able to develop all of their strengths focuses on the learner-centered mission.


At FIS, we aim to:

✦ Provide teaching of the highest standard, encouraging children to give their best.

✦ Foster a culture of learning based on empathy, cooperation and, respect for others, where individuality is promoted.

✦ Encourage a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm to gain the learning and life skills needed for future achievement and success.

✦ Create a safe, caring and stimulating environment in which students develop the independence, confidence and self-discipline to make responsible decisions.

✦ Develop each child’s awareness of their contribution and involvement in the school, local, national and global communities.

✦ Provide a wide variety of opportunities for learning through and beyond the curriculum.

✦ Communicate effectively with parents/guardians and family members to support each students ability to develop and grow.


FOSCO International School provide with the following main services:

✦ Kindergarten education

✦ Primary education

✦ 2-week overseas Summer camp in US, UK

✦ Afterschool Clubs

✦ School bus service in HCMC

About FOSCO International School
About FOSCO International School
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Advising education enrollment
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