FOSCO Preschool International School (FIS) is currently recruiting suitable candidates for the position:



Job Discription:  

  • Teach Preschool Education Program according to the Ministry of Education and Training;
  • Support foreign lead teachers to observe the overall classroom and decorate the classroom;
  • Care and monitor students throughout the school in classrooms, group activities and events;
  • Supervise and manage students when moving to the function rooms (physical education classes, dance classes, recess and meal times);
  • Private tutoring for some students who do not understand the lesson or are slow to learn during class time;
  • Assist lead teacher in monitoring and managing student learning and discipline;
  • Meet the parents, other lead teachers, assistant teachers and admin staff assigned by the school;
  • Positively response to the parents on student’s academic progress and behavior in class;
  • Assist in choreography during dance classes and participate in performances at important school events;
  • Attend meetings, activities, and events requested by the school and the head company FOSCO;
  • Attend group activities, trainings to enhance qualifications and professional, team-building skills (on non-pupil days);
  • Attend the trainings requested by the school;
  • Complete necessary administrative work for the classroom and assigned by the lead teacher;
  • Take some duties before/after school (school bus, playground, after-school student care, etc.)
  • Report directly to the Board of School Management;
  • Perform some other tasks assigned by the Board of School Management.



  • Graduated from College/University, major in Preschool Education
  • Have experiences in relevant teaching is a priority (graduated and qualified degree)
  • English communication to work with foreign lead teachers
  • Have experiences working with Vietnamese and international students
  • Love children, calm, patient, responsible, enthusiastic, active
  • Willingness to do individual work and group work
  • Have experiences working with sensitive, autistic and/or tardy students
  • Willingness to learn and improve skills as a teacher
  • Know how to express opinions, concerns and comments
  • Can be flexible, knowledgeable, caring and empathetic in some sensitive situations
  • Have the necessary skills to work in a team environment
  • Receive feedback from the Board of School Management and accept modifications as requested
  • Bilingual usage (fluent in Vietnamese and can use 4 English skills well)



  • Full time: From Monday to Friday every week
  • Labor contract duration: Expected from April, 2024



- Insurances following the Labor Law;

- Benefits following Labor contract or company’s regulations (lunch, gas coupon, event bonus, Tet, New Year, birthday, uniform, health check, winter break, summer break, etc.)

* Document requirements:

  • Relevant certificates and degrees (Notarized copy within 6 months)
  • Vietnamese CV notarized by the local committee (within 6 months)
  • ID card (Notarized copy within 6 months)
  • Heath check following Circular no 09/2023/TT-BYT (within 6 months)
  • Cover letter



  • Candidates submit your documents via email/ directly to:

Ms Nguyễn Thị Kim Trúc (phone number: 028 3930 5930. Extension: 422),


  • Submitting document due date: 29/03/2024

* Any application that does not contain the above documents will not be considered.

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