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The Kinder Captains had a fantastic kitchen adventure with Mr. Quoc Anh, the school chef.

The Kinder Captains had a fantastic kitchen adventure with Mr. Quoc Anh, the school chef. They observed the step-by-step process of making mooncakes, and without any hesitation, they too kneaded the dough. "It felt sticky at first, but I just imagined that it's play dough, so I wasn't scared to touch it!", Bao said. The mooncake-making workshop was indeed culturally inclusive, and the kindergarten students were able to learn new words. That experience will surely leave a good mark on our young learners' minds and hearts.

Grade 2's Mid-Autumn Preparations

Grade 2 has been preparing for one of the highlights of the fall season in Vietnam, Mid-Autumn Festival, or the Moon Festival! We are excitedly showcasing our artistic skills through making beautiful lanterns made out of popsicle sticks and parchment paper. We are also becoming great Global Citizens through learning about and presenting on different harvest festivals around the world. We are having a blast in Grade 2!

Student-Made Mooncakes

What is better than enjoying to eat mooncakes in the season of Mid-Autumn Festival? It is making them! The Grade 5 students were serious at learning how to make Mooncakes with Mr. Quoc Anh our FIS Chef. After learning how to make them, they made their own mooncake. What a great way to integrate lessons and skills in culture, Math, Science, and Art. One of the goals is also to inspire the students and instill a business sense in them. They also made their own personalized packaging. From now on, FIS students can confidently say, "I was taught how to...

Grade 1 loved painting Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers."

Grade 1 loved painting Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers." They worked in pairs to help them develop teamwork skills. Nice job, Grade1!

Book Club is a hit!

Book Club is a hit! Students did a fun scavenger hunt activity using the books in our dynamic library! They discovered many new books and had a blast!

Promoting anti-bullying awareness day

Grade 1 students recently brought laughter and unity to their school by participating in Funny Outfit Day, a creative event aimed at promoting anti-bullying awareness. Dressed in an array of hilarious and colorful costumes, these young advocates showcased their commitment to kindness and acceptance. Through their lighthearted spirit, Grade 1's message was clear: differences should be celebrated not ridiculed. The event served as a powerful reminder that laughter and empathy are essential tools in the fight against bullying, leaving everyone with smiles and a strengthened sense of togetherness.

Grade 3 having fun

Grade 3 having fun, while exploring the importance of keeping fit! Fitness Friday is an excellent opportunity for our FIS students to play exciting games, bond with their friends, and let off some steam. Healthy body, healthy mind!
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