Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Truc

Primary School Principal

  • Master of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Open University, HCMC (2013)
  • Bachelor of Preschool Education, Vinh University (2020)
  • Bachelor of Primary Education, Vinh University (2020)
  • BA in English, Van Lang University, HCMC (2004)
  • Certificate of Education Management, University of Pedagogy, Hanoi II, HCMC (2016)
  • Certificate of Management Course, Preschool Education, University of Pedagogy, HCMC (2014)
  • Certificate of the Training Course of English Teaching For Children, C.E.C (2007)
  • Certificate of Techniques in English Language Teaching, C.E.C (2007)
  • Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) Certificates, University of Cambridge ESOL EXAMS (2009)

Ms. Kim Truc has been an addition to the Administration Team here at FOSCO International School (FIS), since September, 2013.  She has provided guidance, structure, and organization to the FIS Staff and the school as a whole.

Prior to 2007 when she started work at FIS, Ms. Kim Truc had gained valuable experience working at foreign companies located here in HCMC, as well as teaching English at foreign language centers, and working as a teacher at international schools. She brings to FIS a good working mix of formal training, personal know how, and the desire to achieve and grow as an educator.

She has been working at FOSCO International School since January, 2007.

Contact Information :
Phone : (84-28) 3930 5930 – Ext 422
Tel : 0916818163
Email :

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Mr. Jorge Medrano

Academic Director

♦ Bachelor of Arts in English Education, San Francisco State University, 2010

♦ Emphasis in Literature and Linguistics

♦ Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification

Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuan Mai

Preschool Principal

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Chilhood Education, Ho Chi Minh University of Pedagogy, 2006
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in English Language Teaching and Linguistics, Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2012
  • Kindergarten Principal Certificate, 2017
  • Teaching Knowledge Test Certificates, Cambridge University, 2010.

Ms. Ngo Thi Anh Phuong

Primary school Principal Assistant

  • College of Education – Primary School (1986)
  • University of Pedagogy, Major in Math (1990)
  • Primary Education Training Certificate – Principal of Primary School (1999)
  • Certificate of English: A Level
  • Diploma in Advanced Political Theory

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Trung

Admin Coordinator

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