FOSCO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL won 2nd place at the District 3 Primary School Film festival

FOSCO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL won 2nd place at the District 3 Primary School Film festival on March 30, 2024. It qualified us to enter in the city-wide contest. The Theme of the Film Festival is My Hometown, My Inspiration. The 5th graders worked for at least 1 month from brainstorming, planning, script writing, practicing, shooting, overdubbing, editing, and preparing for presentation. There were 17 entries from District 3. Only 8 made it to the finals. At the end of the event, a judge praised FIS for making a film with a plot instead of just a travel documentary- making us her favorite! The message of our movie is to “convey that we love and appreciate Vietnam. We are proud of our hometown. Any struggle will be solved because of the inspiration our hometown gives us. ”We would like to thank FIS- the film producer, along with Ms Huong, Mr Fred, and Mr Will, and the Grade 4 class for willingly joining the cast. Besides their roles, we commend the 5th graders who were the hardworking crew themselves: Macy- script writer and director, Harvey- cameraman, Kevin- cameraman, Leo- cameraman, Tuan- cameraman, Laksh- editor. We appreciate the help of Joshua Isip (FIS class of 2015) for training Laksh in editing and Mithi Mitchell (FIS preschooler in 2001) who finished Film in New York who zoomed with the class about filmmaking. Finally, we would like to thank all FIS teachers and staff for encouraging the Grade 5 as well as all the parents for their support.

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Congratulations to our Grade 5 graduates! 

Congratulations to our Grade 5 graduates!  Their short film "My Hometown, My Inspiration" has been recognized with multiple awards from the citywide contest! We could not be more excited and prouder of their accomplishments. They deserve a big round of applause for their hard work, fearless dedication and enthusiasm!    Individual Awards: 3rd Place: Laksh (best stage performance) 4th Place: Harvey (best stage performance)  4th Place: Hannah (acting skills)   Group Awards: 1st Place: Best stage performance 4th Place: Best Film    Congratulations again and keep up your great work! We are proud of you all!  

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