Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas Concert at FIS on December 17th, 2020! Though we missed our FIS Families, our students and FIS staff ensured that the spirit of Christmas was lively and joyful. We began by displaying our students’ beautiful “Candyland” inspired Christmas art in front of our school. Students were dressed in their Christmas colors and prepared for their performances! As students joined our “Sweet Christmas” area filled with giant candies and a beautiful Christmas tree decorated by our 5th Graders, the energy began and we could hear reindeer from afar. Students were entertained by a beautiful duet performed by 5th graders, Anna and Bianca. Their performance warmed up the upcoming acts. All grades performed their magical performances and truly put joy in everyone’s hearts. Ms. Chantal and Principals gave a speech about the importance of charity work. Students then gave their donations and felt happy that they were helping the less fortunate. Thank you, students! Later we were surprised by a fun performance by our teachers and our academic director, Mr. Jorge. Ms. Olive lit up the stage as Mariah Carey, and students’ smiles said it all: they absolutely loved it. We ended our day by doing “Secret Santa” at our FOSCO Store. Each class picked out names and bought a gift for a fellow classmate. They later wrapped gifts and exchanged. The Christmas magic was very much alive and we know that students will remember this Christmas forever. Merry Christmas FIS Families and Happy New Year! We look forward to a more prosperous 2021.

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We are so happy to have welcomed Mrs. Ariadne Feo Labrada

We are so happy to have welcomed Mrs. Ariadne Feo Labrada, Consul General of the Republic of Cuba and mother of our kindergarten student to our "Parent Readers!" K1 students enjoyed listening to her enthusiastic reading style. They were extremely curious about the story and excited to meet her! We would like to thank all parents who have participated in this fun and inspiring community activity!

BOOK WEEK rocks!

BOOK WEEK rocks! There is no greater support to kids than a Dad and Mom tandem to read to the 5th Graders the classic story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to encourage the soon Middle Schoolers to unfold their wings and fly! Thank you Ms Olive and Mr Marc!

Hurray to Buddy Reading!

Hurray to Buddy Reading! Who do you think is more happy-- the cute and fully immersed K1 or the 5th Graders who chose amazing books and excitedly read to them? Rest assured though, the FIS BOOK WEEK is off to a great start!!

FOSCO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL won 2nd place at the District 3 Primary School Film festival

FOSCO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL won 2nd place at the District 3 Primary School Film festival on March 30, 2024. It qualified us to enter in the city-wide contest. The Theme of the Film Festival is My Hometown, My Inspiration. The 5th graders worked for at least 1 month from brainstorming, planning, script writing, practicing, shooting, overdubbing, editing, and preparing for presentation. There were 17 entries from District 3. Only 8 made it to the finals. At the end of the event, a judge praised FIS for making a film with a plot instead of just a travel documentary- making us her...

Science Fair 2024

On Thursday, March 28, 2024, FIS held a Science Expo featuring the class steam projects and the Rubber Band Car Challenge. It was the culmination of months of Science experiments and explorations. This event introduces the world of scientific inquiry and motivate kids to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM). Congratulations Jenny from Grade 2 who won the school-wide Rubber Band Car Challenge and Grade 5 for winning the most stickers for their STEAM projects.

The 5th Graders enjoyed their trip to Ngoc Phuong Dentist's Clinic

The 5th Graders enjoyed their trip to Ngoc Phuong Dentist's Clinic. They are happy to know that they take care of their teeth well! It is great to smile when we have great teeth indeed!

"Play or Exercise? A child's body doesn't know the difference.

"Play or Exercise? A child's body doesn't know the difference. But their mind tells them when they're having fun!" Our Kinder Captains are obviously having fun on Fitness Fridays!

When children play outdoors

When children play outdoors, they're far more likely to invent their own games than in more structured settings-a key factor in becoming self-directed and inventive adults later in life." Can you guess what vehicle our little kinder captains created?
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