Olympics 2021


We held our annual FIS Olympic Games on Friday, January 22nd. The weather was perfect! Not too hot or too cold, just perfect! Students were divided into colored teams consisting of mixed grades (Kindergarten-5th Grade) with one Lead Teacher as their coach. They worked together for the championship and were reminded that teamwork is essential for success and that “if you fail, you get up, and try again.” It was endearing to see older students helping the younger students and was a definite reminder that our “6 Kinds of Best” are instilled in our students. We are so proud of our students!

Nursery-K2 hosted their own mini games separately and practiced their balance, hand-coordination, and strength. Their smiles and determination for all tasks emphasized the importance of having joy in the journey of achieving our goals.

Once all students completed all the challenges, we had a basketball match, “Teachers vs. Students!” Grades 3-5 each played a 5-minute match with teachers. Guess who were the champions? STUDENTS! Again, their teamwork proved to be successful! Of course, they were cheered by their peers on the sidelines. Best chant: “No homework!” (this was their award).

We gathered once again and presented all students with a backpack provided by Nestle Company. Teachers awarded their MVPs (most valuable players) with a gold medal. These players demonstrated great teamwork and determination. After, students did a drumroll on their legs to find out which color was the champion. GREEN! Great job to all members of the Green Team! Congratulations, again! They were awarded with a homework pass and 20 FOSCO dollars.

To end our Olympics, our FIS chefs prepared a spectacular BBQ lunch for everyone!

Thank you, chefs, teachers, and Mr. Dang for planning a successful FIS Olympics 2021!

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